Here are some links to useful web sites. If there are others you think should be listed, please contact us to let us know.


Government and Guidance

Information from the UK government and first entry point to UK public sector information.

Department for Education and Skills

Department of Education Northern Ireland

Scottish Executive (carries information on Department of Enterprise and Lifelong Learning).

On-line learning and guidance for all.

The DfEE site concerning lifelong learning with links into learndirect, NGfL and other UK government initiatives.

Key labour market information from the DfES.

National Grid for Learning resources to support lifelong learning.

The new Careers website from BEcTA.

University for Industry

Scottish University for Industry


The Guidance and Learning Community A site aimed at extending knowledge and understanding to guidance practitioners. The Centre for Guidance Studies (CeGS) aims to be the UK's centre for excellence at the leading edge of guidance and related lifelong learning research and development activities, bridging the gap between managers, practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers.

Lots more learning links here with a Scottish flavour.

Scottish Learning Network site set up by Scottish Enterprise.

The Guidance Council

Networking organisations and promoting good practice in the development of a national learning database and information services in support of lifelong learning.

A wealth of resources that can helping you to choose, fund and support your learning, career planning and jobsearch.

Further Education Development Agency

Information resource for the further education sector in Scotland.

The Workers Educational Association is the largest voluntary provider of adult education in the UK.

U3A encourages lifelong learning for those no longer in full time gainful employment.

Mapping learning the UK with links to 204 F/A/HE institutions.

A range of information about colleges and universities.

The UK organization on adult and continuing education.

The organization for international education. CRAC and NICEC are well-established in guidance.

NEC provides Open & Distance Learning Resources. Product range includes specialist training for Guidance Counsellors.

National Training Organisation with links to the bodies responsible for vocational learning Resourcing Good Practice in Guidance.

A wide range of valuable links prepared by Leonardo Evangelista with the support of European funding.

Links to a wide range of career-related information from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle.

Tap into the expertise of the University of London Careers Service from anywhere in the UK.

The essential website for graduate guidance.

The UK resource center for international careers. The National Bureau for Students with Disabilities.

A website representing a network group for the study of guidance and the Internet in Europe.


Guidance Select

Well-presented site from the British Association for Counselling.

The BBC with specific links to both education and career. Youll probably learn something just looking at the home page!

The future of guidance? An on-line career planning diagnostic tool for the service user.

Information about the employment market.

The British Council site with links to facilitate all kinds of learning about the UK and its cultures.

Site for the FE sector with content of a wider interest.

What do you want to do when you grow up? Design a website that remembers that adults have careers too! Some useful links here actually.

For CV information and templates.

The established organisation for information, research and commentary on unemployment and labour market issues for adults and young people .

Network for Adult Guidance Tayside - has good links to other sites.