NAEGA 2001 Conference

"Including Guidance for an Inclusive Society"

Booking Soon

The London Conference Planning team - Chaired by Lesley Urbach from College of North-West London (recently awarded Grade 1 for guidance etc. provision by FEFC) - is progressing at a pace with plans for the NAEGA national conference on 11th/12th July 2001. The team is drawn from several constituencies (HE, FE, vol sector, careers, LEA guidance) and is bringing lots of refreshing ideas to the table. It will be an excellent Conference. We have now refined our theme and given it a title - Including Guidance for an Inclusive Society - detailed publicity will be available in February when we open for bookings. Since its inception, NAEGA has advocated the universal need for the provision of guidance to adults. Reflecting the diverse communities in the UK, the NAEGA London Conference aims to show how every adult can benefit from the resources made available in the guidance experience at some point in their their lifelong course of learning and work. Guidance is valuable for individuals with 'simple' information needs, as well as those coping with complex lives in which learning and work issues are enmeshed with other life priorities (e.g. housing, experiences of discrimination, inequitable physical access). Our Conference theme is that only by providing guidance services for all adults can genuine inclusion be achieved for the diverse needs and communities through the UK.

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