Adult Guidance Pilots

In October, the DfES wrote to all GAB accredited organisations in England with a prospectus for adult guidance pilots. This pilot programme was announced by the then Minister, Malcolm Wicks, in March 2001. He stated that 5m was to be available to pilot in-depth guidance services to help the most disadvantaged in our communities.

The pilots can run up until February 2003 with final reports due in March 2003. The pilots should show new approaches to identifying and engaging disadvantaged clients, must be additional service delivery, involve the priority groups identified and link to other initiatives (learndirect, Employment Service, Connexions etc.). The evaluation will aim to measure the demand for the services provide through the pilot projects and to show the economic and social benefits of that service for the identified client groups.

The timescale is that bids must be in by 5 November and the formal announcement of successful bids is planned for 26 November.

Details of the proposal are available on