Guidance for Low-paid Workers

We are a European team working on a transnational research project on educational guidance for low-paid workers. We have now completed work on the first phase of our project and invite you to provide us with feedback. The initial phase has entailed the construction of a website drawing together reports on guidance provision for the low paid in the partner countries that are represented in the project. You may access and explore this website at the following address:

We would value your feedback, by phone, letter or email, about the information on the website so far, which is intended to begin the process of disseminating knowledge and experience about this relatively new area of activity on a European scale.

We would also be pleased to receive any information, reports and so on that you might have on existing initiatives or policies concerning guidance and/or lifelong learning for low-paid workers, and with your permission would be happy to place summaries on our web site.

If you would prefer not to go on our e-mailing list, would you kindly let me know?

Pamela Clayton