New Rearch on skills mismatch
and role of training

The Tremplin team at the University of Glasgow partner has a new research project, supported by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the European Communities, on a subject which is generating a great deal of concern in the United Kingdom namely, the mismatch of skills for the labour market. The project is not only about the shortage of skills, and of many kinds and levels of skills topics very well researched already in the United Kingdom but about the relationship between the supply of and the demand for labour market skills and the role of training.

This topic involves a very wide range of players, including the education and training systems at all levels and ages and provided by public, private and voluntary bodies; qualifications and supervisory agencies and inspectorates; funders of education and training; employers and trade unions and their federations; careers and vocational guidance providers; local and central government; local and regional economic regeneration agencies; equal opportunities bodies; researchers and policy-makers; and, of course, individuals making choices about careers, education and training.

Each partner is focusing on two sectors. The sector chosen for Scotland is the agro-food industry, with special reference to SMEs (all partners are looking at this sector); and for London and the South-East we have chosen the engineering sector in particular, electrical engineering.

'Tremplin' stands for 'Travail, Emploi et Formation', and is promoted by Prism Research and Consulting sarl, Luxembourg. The other partners are the Institut fr Berufsfrderung und Weiterbildung, Mnster; the TEI of Crete; the French Ministry of Agriculture; the Istituto Guglielmo Tagliacarne, Rome; the University of Nijmegen; and INORGA Consulting Ltd, Ostrava.

The ultimate aim, is to generate concrete recommendations to remedy skills mismatches.

The team would be extremely happy to hear about your experience and recommendations in this field, and any research you are willing to share.

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