How is the Internet changing careers and educational guidance across Europe?

  • Express your views on the usefulness (or otherwise) of the Internet in adult guidance.
  • Get a list of c.200 UK web sites relevant to adult guidance, selected by an experienced careers adviser and categorised according to the outcomes of guidance they deliver using the DOTS model.
  • Get similar information about other European countries.
  • Share your experiences with colleagues from Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Romania, Cyprus, Portugal, Sweden and the Czech Republic. is a web site representing a network group for the study of guidance and the Internet in Europe, set up as a result of Socrates/Grundtvig II funding. It aims eventually to carry information about resources, projects and meeting places for guidance practitioners working with adults in particular.

Some of us are guidance practitioners already conducting or interested in conducting, guidance activities through the use of the Internet, while others have been engaged in the study of guidance for a number of years. All of us are interested in the potential of the Internet for further improving guidance activities. Some have produced quality guidance web sites of their own — e.g.


Please help to represent the UK by visiting the project site at

and filling in on-line or off-line the short questionnaire about your ideas on guidance and the Internet. Although you'll be asked to give your name and some details, these will not be published on the site — but your testimony will be added anonymously to a collection of similar statements by practitioners like yourself from other countries in Europe. It doesn't matter if you're for or against, have a lot of ideas or only a few — we just want to hear from you! You can also suggest themes for future research and projects, or let us know about resources on or off the Net, which you think particularly valuable. We aim to spread the information as widely as possible.

Visit the site, check out the resources available there, and leave your own mark.

If you'd like to be kept up to date on the project or want more information first, you can email me at

I look forward to an increasing volume of UK submissions on the site!

Marcus Offer,
National Institute for Careers Education & Counselling,
June 2002