CEGASS Investigation results

Practitioners' views on current developments in guidance

The Open University's Centre for Educational Guidance and Student Support (CEGASS) has published the results of an investigation carried out during 2000 by Gill Aslett - 'Practitioners' views on current developments in guidance' as CEGASS Paper No 7; an abstract is given below. Anyone interested in reading this should contact the Director of CEGASS - Ormond Simpson, at the Open University in East Anglia, 12 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1PF.

Two groups of experienced guidance practitioners working with adults, one from community-based services and the other from the Open University, provide details of their backgrounds and discuss current developments in the professionalisation of their services. Both groups outline their approach to professional delivery but report difficulty in structuring continuing professional development. While welcoming new qualifications in guidance, the current National Vocational Qualifications do not cover all their activities and have structural problems. The introduction of local Information, Advice and Guidance partnerships is welcomed by the community-based group for improving their status and resources through the requirement to meet the Guidance Council quality standards. Within the Open University, the lack of suitable agreed standards is seen as detrimental to their professionalism.