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Director Profile - Ann Ruthven

Role in NAEGA

I have been Chair of NAEGA since 2007. I am also Convenor for the South West Branch.

The Chair role is enjoyable and challenging. I am lucky to work with such a great bunch of people. The main highlight so far has been the conference at Oxford in 2008.

Career background

I trained as a careers adviser in 1985/86 and did my Diploma in Career Guidance at Bristol Poly, as it was then. This was a brilliant preparation for the job especially as I also had an excellent probationary year where my skills were honed and I had lots of support from managers and colleagues.

I worked as a Careers Adviser, a Personal Development Planning Officer and Human Resource and Quality Manager in the Careers Service before moving to the Guidance Council in 2000 as Business and Systems Manager. This role involved the management, development, and quality assurance of services to providers of guidance services. During my time there I took on the role of Project Manager for the National Guidance Research Forum for the DfES. I also undertook a range of research and development projects related to career guidance for the DfES and other organisations along with my brillaint team.

Before the final sad demise of the Guidance Council my role was transferred to NIACE where I worked for a year before moving to become Assistant Director at the Learning Curve, an organisation that works in partnership to develop, promote and deliver learning to Voluntary and Community Organisations across the South West, where I managed their guidance provision as well as part of their learning provision.

Current job

I work for the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS, previously the Centre for Excellence in Leadership) as Programme Lead Career Development and Safeguarding where I manage the Career Development Service and the Work Shadowing Scheme. This involves developing and providing career development support for individuals and organisations in the further education sector through consultancy, workshops and career coaching.

I also manage a number of other projects looking at IAG for young people in FE for the DCSF.

Since 2008 I have been responsible for safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults and safer recruitment including the development of resources for the FE sector for DIUS.

Career lows

Being made redundant twice especially the first time.

Career highs

Working with brilliant, passionate, generous and knowledgeable people in the sector who have helped me to maintain my enthusiasm.


Despite over 20 years in the career guidance field I remain passionate about career guidance and its important role in helping people reach their potential.

I am also passionate about my garden and gardening although I don't get enough time to give it the attention it deserves.


Apart from a weakness for coffee, currant buns and chocolate I think one of my main weaknesses is taking on too much and sacrificing sleep to get through the work.

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