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Looking for Guidance

Guidance helps you understand your options for training, education and work so that you can make decisions about your future.

Whatever your circumstances, you'll benefit from speaking to someone in more depth about the options available. This can be on the phone; face to face or even via the Internet. Here's what some people have said about how guidance has helped them:

“I now know what it is possible for me to do”

“I have a clearer understanding of what I need to consider”

You can speak to a guidance adviser through local councils, colleges, voluntary organisations, careers companies, universities and commercial organisations. Services vary throughout the UK and between local areas.

To find out what's on offer in your area contact:

Careers Wales
Careers Scotland
EGSA - Connecting Adults to Learning (NI)
Learn Direct
Phone: National Learning Advice: 0800 100 900
The Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU)
News and information about research and development in career-related learning and career guidance in higher education.
nextstep Providers in England

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