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Belonging to NAEGA can support your matrix Accreditation

By joining NAEGA you and/or your staff can provide evidence for several criteria within the matrix quality standard for information advice and guidance.

NAEGA holds regular meetings in local areas, where you can meet people from other local agencies and develop useful networking links (5g).

There are often speakers and/or trainers who can bring you up to date with information about other agencies and developments in IAG, which you can use with your client groups or to keep yourself up to date. There is also an annual conference where you can find out about and discuss national developments; attend workshops on issues relevant to your work; and network with people from a range of organisations in the UK. These activities can help you to signpost and refer clients to other services; and to provide them with details of information sources and access to networks (2e; 6b).

NAEGA also publishes a quarterly e-newsletter. You can use this and our website to maintain and develop your competence and keep up to date with developments and ideas (6b).

Local branch meetings can provide you with the opportunity to get feedback from other agencies on your service (7c).

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