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N/SVQs (Professional Competence)

Membership of NAEGA can assist practitioners with successful completion of the N/SVQs 3 and 4 in guidance and the competency framework by assisting with the following units and areas of work:

Unit 20: Evaluating and Developing Own Work

Covers evaluation and reflection on own practice and continuous professional development. It also includes demonstrating good practice. Membership of NAEGA provides opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD) as well as opportunities to check out practice with colleagues. It also provides a valuable framework for assessing good practice.

Unit 22 (level 4 only): Operate within Networks

Many practitioners find it difficult to access formal networks - many are now manager-focused rather than practitioner- or client-focused. NAEGA provides opportunities for regional networking (via branch events and contacts) as well as national networking.

Unit 15: Liaise with other services; Units 16 and 17

Cover signposting and referral, because members become more aware of what other organisation members are doing and how they can help their own clients.

Competency Framework

For similar reasons, it can assist members to demonstrate competence in: adhering to codes of practice, quality assurance and inspection frameworks updating own skills and knowledge signposting and referral of service users.

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