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Developments in Adult Guidance

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An Adult Guidance Service: a NAEGA Position Statement
September 2010
NAEGA's response to the launch of the new Next Step adult careers service.
Answers of this type are best written in the capstone project format. You need to write my capstone project to give the reader a detailed answer.
Download: response-to-adult-careers-service-sept-2010.pdf [262kb]
Response to Wales Consultation
June 2008
Skills that Work for Wales: A skills and employment strategy
NAEGA welcomes the publication of this comprehensive and timely document, responding as it does to the economic priorities set out in the Leitch agenda for the achievement of world-class skills in the UK by the year 2020. Read our response.
Download: response-to-wales-consultation-april-2008.pdf [113kb]
Response to the CEIAG Strategy for Northern Ireland
April 2008
NAEGA's response to the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Strategy for Northern Ireland.
Download: response-to-CEIAG-consultation-NI.pdf [122kb]
The Development of Careers Scotland's Service Delivery Framework
October 2006
Records the processes followed by Careers Scotland in differentiating the services offered to different groups of clients. Authors: Nick Fairweather, Doug Govan and Marlene McGlynn Publisher: Centre for Guidance Studies (CeGS), University of Derby (NAEGA is grateful to Careers Scotland and CEGS for permission to re-publish this occasional paper on our website. Copyright remains with Nick Fairweather, Doug Govan and Marlene McGlynn.)
Download: careers-scotland-service-delivery-framework.pdf [355kb]
Employment and Training Advice for Refugees: What Works?
May 2005
NICEC Briefing based on an enquiry by Ruth Hawthorn and Charles Jackson for learndirect. Identifies agencies that offer advice to refugees; explores the main elements of good practice in work with refugees; identifies action points for information, advice and guidance services and for specialist refugee services. NAEGA is grateful to NICEC for giving permission to make this briefing available on our website. Copyright remains with NICEC.
Download: advice-for-refugees.pdf [97kb]
Guidance for Access, Learning and Life: the challenges for the next decade
November 2002
Professor Jonathan Brown. Text of Julie Hamill Memorial Lecture given for EGSA in Belfast. The paper looks at the nature of adult guidance and the challenges that the guidance community will face in the next ten years.
Download: guidance-for-access.pdf [67kb]

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