The Demand for Adult Guidance

In 2001 NAEGA published a report by Segal Quince Wicksteed which had been commissioned by the Scottish Executive. This NAEGA Occasional Publication was distributed to members with further copies available for sale. We recently sold the last copy but as we are still getting requests, we've decided to republish in a downloadable format. Click here for a copy.

The Demand for Adult Guidance

Although The Demand for Guidance was a study in Scotland, its central message confirmed earlier findings from England. That message is that those of us providing guidance services to adult clients need to find a better explanation of our work for clients and potential clients. Although the 'G' word is clear and important to us, clients do not understand it! As the first paragraph of the Executive Summary puts it:

'It was apparent that awareness of adult guidance provision is low'

The report is based on focus group research and so is rich in comments from participants. The full report is organised around answers to four key questions:

  • Why do people access guidance?
  • What services do people want?
  • Where should services be based?
  • Who should provide guidance?

The Demand for Guidance reads well and is relevant to guidance work not only in Scotland but throughout the UK and further afield. Do download and read it again (or for the first time). We hope you appreciate this republication. Your comments both on this report and on the merits (or otherwise) of web publication would be greatly appreciated (to Jonathan Brown at )