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News item 1: NAEGA Conference 2005 - put the date in your diary

News item 2: Seminar on financial support for part-time students

News item 1: New NAEGA Directors

News item 2: Opening the Door to Opportunity JAPP

News item 3: Invitation to First Meeting of Revived NAEGA North East Branch on 4 November

News item 4: Branch Development Update

News item 5: Elections for the NAEGA Board

News item 6: NAEGA Conference booking - more info and booking form PDFs

News item 1: Aim Higher: Older Learners and HE

News item 2: Career Learning Cafe

News item 3: Matrix: new accreditation body

News item 4: Linking Learning and Health

News item 5: Helping Learners Discover their Potential

News item 6: NAEGA Annual Report 2004

News item 7: New look for News and Views

News item 8: NAEGA Administration work specification

News item 9: Northern Ireland Tourist Board to support NAEGA National Conference

News item 10: Guidance Council and NIACE

News item 11: Vacancies

News item 12: GradEast - exciting new project in East England

News item 1: Develoments in Adult Guidance in Scotland

News item 2: Scotland & Northern Ireland Branch Review

News item 3: Update from NAEGA East

News item 4: Tenders invited

News item 5: Elections for the NAEGA Board

News item 6: The Demand for Adult Guidance Occasional Paper

News item 1: NAEGA needs branch mentors

News item 2: NAEGA develops its branches

News item 3: Adult Guidance Study

News item 4: Conference on eGuidance

News item 5: Summer issue of News & Views

News item 1: NAEGA Conference - more info and booking form PDFs

News item 2: Situations Vacant!

News item 1: NAEGA East Professional Development Event & newsletter

News item 2: NAEGA East newsletter (PDF)

News item 1: The Challenge of Change: The Reebok Presentation

News item 2: NAEGA Conference Concessions Scheme Information & Application Form (PDF)