Work Specification for NAEGA Administration


  • To maximise membership
  • To ensure effective communications between members, branches and board
  • Implement robust invoicing and credit control systems

Work Specification

1 Membership

  • Respond to members requests within 3 working days
  • Send out information/application packs
  • Re-route emails and telephone calls appropriately
  • Ensure there is adequate supply of materials for members packs
  • Produce up to date MI of members monthly
  • Ensure all members details are current and changes recorded on system
  • Out of office messages on email and telephone as appropriate
  • Membership card and form 2 sent out within 5 working days of cash receipt
  • Ensure local branch details are up to date on website - check monthly
  • Quarterly reports to board
  • Reports to branches on request

2 Communications

  • Circulation of board meeting paperwork, eg minutes, agenda, discussion papers
  • Liaison with external organisations for production of N&V, Website maintenance and conference organisation
  • Ensuring a good supply of stationery is readily available for board and branch
  • Maintenance of database (Access relational) used for recording memberships renewals and payments
  • Monthly reports of members details to branches to support branch activity
  • Members mailing details to internal and external bodies eg N&V, Conference Planning, in compliance with DPA
  • Notify branches of new members to ensure they can send local information
  • Updating and Maintenance of Company filing system
  • Monitoring of NAEGA representation on other professional bodies and groups

3 Financial Controls

  • All membership renewals sent out by 31st Dec each year
  • Reminders sent monthly to ensure good cash flow
  • All income recorded and banked within 5 working days of receipt
  • Monthly reports of membership renewals sent to treasurer monthly
  • Final warning letter sent and all non-payers written off 30th June each year
  • All requests for expenditure to be passed to treasurer for consultation at F&GP Committee
  • All invoices to be sent on to treasurer for payment

Closing date for applications is 30 September 2004

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