Update from NAEGA East

After the "re-launch" of NAEGA East the branch has moved from strength to strength with a working committee that "wants to get things done".

Over the past 12 months three professional development events have been held, aimed at increasing awareness and skills for guidance practitioners and also responding to member's suggestions for topic inclusion. Early in the year the issues around Social Work and Probation were explored whilst the latest event looked at strategies needed for assisting Clients with Special Needs. The branch also has encouraged at these events a "networking" session aimed at allowing practitioners to discuss best practice, share views and exchange information.

Future topic suggestions include "Life Coaching" and European Issues with the October event to be focused on "Basic Facts on Teaching".

The branch also produces a quarterly newsletter that helps to keep members informed of upcoming events and challenging changes that are constantly occurring in the guidance field. The branch AGM was held in February with Kathy Blackmore taking on the role of Chair.

If you live in the East of England and you want to join this thriving branch then email Pam Jardine, Membership Secretary, who will send you details of the next event and include you on the mailing list for the next Newsletter. Pam's address is:

Ann Canham
NAEGA East Board Representative