Adult Guidance Study

The DfES has commissioned a small-scale study between June 2004 - October 2004 into effective guidance in colleges and adult learning providers In England. This comprises a number of case studies and two seminars. The study will focus on the progression of the adult learner from when they are referred to the provider, whilst they are on-programme and into their destination, particularly looking at innovative and effective models of adult guidance in the following areas:

  • Linking with Jobcentre Plus, IAG partnership members and Connexions
  • Initial diagnostic/risk assessment of adult learners and any risk banding
  • Internal partnerships between central services and tutorial support/delivery through the curriculum (i.e. in ACL - the contractual obligations/minimum levels of service/briefing/training and monitoring of part-time tutors)
  • The provision of on-going support once on-programme including the records kept and how learners are tracked
  • The use of LMI to support progression
  • In ACL, the contribution in general of self-help resources
  • In ACL particularly, the role of IAG-focused courses (e.g., Make Your Experience Count, Return to Learn etc) in assisting progression and providing extended and peer support
  • Tracking learners and collecting/using destination data; and
  • Supporting adult learners below level 2.

The seminars (on 12 and 14 July 2004) will focus on effective models for delivering adult guidance and the implications of government policy such as the Skills Strategy for adult guidance. Members who are unable to attend the seminars, but would like to comment on the implications of government policy for IAG should contact Jackie Sadler (see below).

We are seeking to identify providers with good practice, (who for example may have had this commented upon in Matrix or inspection reports). The benefits to participants include:

  • Opportunity to inform government policy
  • Raised profile through a recognition of good practice
  • Opportunity to network and share good practice at the seminar
  • Access to an executive summary of the main findings.

Anybody interested in participating in this study should email Jackie Sadler on .com or telephone (01604 784059). College principals are being made aware of the work by the Association of Colleges.