NAEGA East Professional Development Event 11 February 2004

Social Work & Probation

February's professional development event focusing on the changing map of opportunities within Social Work and Probation was another high quality, informative and interesting session. The social work speakers who were Caroline Currer from APU and Cabrini Farquharson from North Herts Mental Health Community Services gave lots of information on the opportunities for professional training within the social work field but also gave the much needed wider perspective on opportunities within care work as a whole. Both speakers focused on their particular area of expertise which for Caroline was Social Work professional training at APU and for Cabrini the opportunities not only within the Mental Health Division but also other specialisms such as Child Protection, Old People Services and Learning Disability. The afternoon speaker Steve Porter from Suffolk Probation Service updated us on the training routes to qualify as a professional Probation Officer but again also offered the much broader overview of the work available for those who may not want to follow the full professional route. A copy of the presentation given by Steve is available by email from . All three speakers' generated lots of questions from the assembled delegates the vast majority of whom rated the event as excellent in our post event evaluation (see below). Thanks therefore go to our speakers for their valued input on the day.

Event Evaluation

Twenty delegates attended this event from which we received sixteen completed evaluation forms. For both the Social Work and Probation presentations 15 responses were in the top Very Good category with one in the next category of Good. These ratings were backed up with very positive comments. Most people also found the venue easily accessible and the refreshments very good however it has been noted that a map is needed with the programme and booking form. Also noted was the time it takes to travel to Cambridge from the outer boundaries of the region as these can be up to and sometime over two hours but as yet we are unable to offer alternative arrangements-sorry. The update session had a new format which was received well with the majority of responses falling in the very good or good categories. Thanks for the time taken to fill in the forms; they help us to provide what you need.

Liz Gillings
Executive Member