IAG Partnerships

NAEGA has been asked to contribute to a consultation on IAG Partnerships that the DfEE is conducting.
To fully represent our membership we are asking for your thoughts/comments on IAG Partnerships.
The questions below are simply to begin any feedback. Please feel free to comment on any other aspects of your experience.
The consultation is on the 21/22 February 2001.
Replies can be sent to the NAEGA Chair, Julia Jones on with copies to Sue Claydon, Vice Chair (clients) on

Areas to consider:

How DfEE funding is used and what added value it provides

How funding is distributed within the Partnership

What are the governance arrangements for the Partnership

How are communications within the Partnership carried out

What are the current issues for the Partnership - e.g. implications of the introduction of LSC and Connexions

Have you and/or your organisation had direct benefits from the Partnership - e.g. training, purchase of information resources.

Even if you are not able to comment on all of these, please do send something. It is important that as many voices as possible are heard.