Bursaries for Practitioner Research

We're offering up to three bursaries to encourage practitioner research in adult guidance. A total of £1,500 is available and this sum can be applied in any way that the trustees think appropriate. For example, the bursaries could consist of 1 @ £1000 and 2 @ £250.

NAEGA members can apply for any project and for almost any purpose (e.g. travel, fees for registration of a higher degree, leave of absence, library subscription). The trustees will judge applications in terms of:

the potential contribution to understanding the role and processes of adult guidance

the feasibility of the project

the quality of the plan produced by the applicant

the quality of the plan produced by the applicant

Joint applications are welcomed. We assume that (unless there is evidence to the contrary) members holding academic posts in HE institution will have access to other form of research funding.

NAEGA requests, in return, an opportunity to report on the findings of the research.

Applications close on 31st January 2001. For further information, informal enquiries about the scheme and application forms please contact: Jonathan Brown 0191 285 7445 or 1 Westfield Park, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 4XX