New Guidance Link

The Centre for Continuing Education, University of Bradford, has established a 'Guidance Link' website at, which has includes a Guidance Strategy statement for the Centre. The Centre has applied to become an Accredited Guidance Centre and the website is to promote the Service and allow links to be made with other regional and national guidance agencies. The site allows access to information leaflets written by the Centre that can be printed-off, including 'Education - is it worth it?', 'The Future of Work', and 'Older Workers - Employers Attitudes & Practices'. The site offers email access to the Guidance Tutor for Continuing Education, Colin Neville, and in its first three weeks of operation received 177 'hits' and over 20 direct questions. The Centre welcomes feed-back from users of 'Guidance Link' and more on-line information on aspects of work and education relevant to adults are planned.

Colin Neville