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LSIS Policy Update 2010 No. 10

Posted: 28 September 2010

Welcome to LSIS Policy Update 2010 Number 10, compiled by Angela Nartey. This edition covers the period 9 to 23 September. Highlights include:

  • Geoff Russell's speech at FE Mergers, Confederations and Shared Partnerships conference;
  • IPPR report on the rising incidence of working poverty;
  • Michael Gove announces review of 14-19 vocational education and speaks on reform of vocational education;
  • David Willetts speaks at Universities UK conference;
  • Nat Wei's presentation on the Big Society; and
  • Skills-Third Sector's Framework for a voluntary sector National Skills Strategy.

Download LSIS Policy Update 2010 No. 10 [130kB PDF document]

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