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How much will students pay?

Posted: 25 February 2010

Opinionpanel Research has published a report How Much Will Students Pay? by Professor Anna Vignoles.

The report answers many of the key structural questions facing the whole sector at this difficult time. Most significantly, it helps institutions understand how full-time undergraduates value their degrees and what differentials might exist by subject, mission group and demographic background. Contact [email protected] to request a copy at £250.

Download the summary report [1.3MB PDF]

To interrogate the raw data of 48,000 interviews yourself (including this year's results), opnionpanel would be happy to supply you with our online charting and analysis tool. This lets you filter results at the level of the individual institution and JACS principal subject, UCAS points, school type, nationality/ethnicity, bursary receipts, survey year, widening access, region, etc. Contact

Opinionpanel has been working with the higher education sector for six years to provide better understanding and a basis for more efficient decision-making. More information:

Ben Marks
Managing Director
Opinionpanel Research
Tel: 020 7288 8789
Fax: 020 7288 8772

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