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matrix Standard retained

Posted: 20 February 2010

Following the review of the matrix Standard carried out by Tribal, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has decided to retain the matrix Standard to quality assure the new adult advancement and careers service and maintain its relevance and application to other organisations providing advice services. The Learning and Skills Council is currently seeking tenders to undertake a detailed review of the Standard to address areas for improvement identified in the Tribal Report, Quality Assurance Arrangements for the Adult Advancement and Careers Service.

The current contract for support of the matrix Standard delivered by ENTO Ltd comes to an end on 31 July. Alongside the work to strengthen the matrix Standard and in line with normal government procurement practice, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will shortly be inviting tenders for managing the assessment and accreditation process for a three-year period starting in June. This will allow time for any necessary transition to the new arrangements.

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